The online notebook for writing and learning sciences

LabNbook is a notebook that provides high school and higher education students with:

  • writing spaces structured by their teachers, where students can collaboratively write project reports, lab notebooks or any science document;
  • integrated tools that enable innovative learning activities such as designing an experiment or dynamically modelling of experimental data…
  • tools supporting collaboration, monitoring and communication in order to ease distant work and to help students in the development of their autonomy.

For all these aspects, LabNbook is the most adapted environment for distributing and monitoring experimental sciences courses in active learning and/or blended setups.

LabNbook is a free and open-source environment, currently used by more than 3 500 students each year, in high schools, universities and engineering schools.



Idex-Formation UGA 2022-23 : initiate the dissemination of LabNbook in the French higher education institutions.

DemoES 2022-23 : disseminate LabNbook in the Haute Alsace University through the DemoUHA project.

France-Relance 2022-23 : R&D developer hired for two years with the Tetras Libre company.

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LabNbook is derived from researches in Technology-Enhanced Learning. This domain articulates researches in computer sciences, education sciences, and didactics.

The investigated questions in LabNbook deal with the conception of the environment, its usages in ecological context, and the learning outcomes induced.

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