Account hosting

You can benefit from a reliable and flexible account hosting service on the UGA LabNbook platform. By choosing this solution, you gain access to:

  • the new platform features as soon as they are deployed,
  • an e-mail support,
  • the “LabNbook on the Go” user support sessions, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month during the academic year.

Your annual contribution to the hosting costs depends on the number of active learners. We do not charge for the first 100 learners.

Number of active learnersup to 300from 301 to 500above 500
Annual price per learner1,1 € H.T.0,9 € H.T. contact us


Number of active learners CalculationAnnual price H.T.
100Free0 €
200200 × 1,1 € 220 €
500300 × 1,1 €
200 × 0,9 €
510 €
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