The online notebook for writing and learning sciences

LabNbook is an online notebook that allows students to collaboratively write project reports, laboratory notebooks, practical work reports or any other scientific document. Three features make LabNbook a particularly effective tool for supervising scientific work, whether in class or remotely:

  • the writing spaces are structured by the teachers who can thus scaffold the expected student process, according to the targeted pedagogical objectives;
  • several scientific writing tools (texts, equations, diagrams, protocols, data tables & mathematical models, Python code) are integrated and allow advanced learning activities in experimental sciences, such as the design of experiments or the modeling of experimental data;
  • collaboration, monitoring and feedback tools facilitate collaborative and iterative work, thus developing students' autonomy, under the supervision of their teachers.
LabNbook is mainly developed by the University of Grenoble-Alpes under open source license. More than 3,500 students use it every year, in universities, engineering schools or high schools.



SHIFT LabNbook partnership : enhancement of features related to skills assessment.

Idex-Formation UGA 2022-23 : initiate the dissemination of LabNbook in the French higher education institutions.

DemoES 2022-23 : disseminate LabNbook in the Haute Alsace University through the DemoUHA project.

France-Relance 2022-23 : R&D developer hired for two years with the Tetras Libre company.

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LabNbook is derived from researches in Technology-Enhanced Learning. This domain articulates researches in computer sciences, education sciences, and didactics.

The investigated questions in LabNbook deal with the conception of the environment, its usages in ecological context, and the learning outcomes induced.

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