Testing the LabNbook student interface

To allow you to test the LabNbook student interface, we have created a demo assignment on radon 220 radioactivity. By following the link below, you can access a partially written student report, with some activities left to you. For the sake of simplicity, the pedagogy is quite classical, but you can imagine more innovative organisations in your own missions.

Test LabNbook (use Firefox or Chrome as browser). If necessary, you can access the help page for the student interface.

Using LabNbook as a teacher

With a teacher account you can create assignments (projects, practical work…) for your students, follow their work and annotate their productions.

The main platform is installed on the servers of the Université Grenoble Alpes. As a teacher of this institution, you have unlimited access to LabNbook via your institutional account.

If you are not a teacher of the Université Grenoble Alpes, please contact us to obtain a teacher account. Please note that for reasons of user load, you cannot have more than 70 students working on one teacher account per year (and 200 student accounts per institution). If you wish to use LabNbook more intensively, ask your system engineers to install LabNbook on the servers of your institution.

Distributing LabNbook activities from your Moodle

We have developed a Moodle plugin that allows teachers to create LabNbook assignments and distribute them to their students from Moodle. With this plugin, it is no longer necessary to create LabNbook accounts for students.

If your institution has a Moodle and you would like to use the plugin, please ask your Moodle administrator to  contact us.
Plugin sources: https://gricad-gitlab.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/labnbook/moodle-labnbook

Install LabNbook on your institution’s servers

LabNbook is an open-source platform: contact us to get the code.

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